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ArtSkills 30-Piece Premium Acrylic Paint Set

ArtSkills 30-Piece Premium Acrylic Paint Set

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Why we love this

Featuring a beautiful assortment of pigment-rich acrylic paint, this paint set includes a palette wheel that explains how to mix and match primary, secondary and tertriary colors—kids love it.

About this item

  • Wide variety: 30 different acrylic paint tubes
  • Mixing essentials: A palette and color wheel for easy mixing


Take on challenging painting projects and turn your ideas into vibrant masterpieces with this ArtSkills 30-piece acrylic paint set. An assortment of 30 different tubes of pigment-rich paint enables you to blend a variety of hues. The smooth consistency of acrylic paint makes this set suitable for a wide variety of techniques on crafts, canvas, wood, glass, ceramic and other surfaces.

This ArtSkills 30-piece acrylic paint set comes with a palette that acts as your platform when mixing, while the included color wheel guides you on color blending, so you save time and paint when mixing.

Fade-Resistant Paint

Featuring acrylic paint that is soluble in water when wet, the pigments in this ArtSkills 30-piece acrylic paint set can easily be removed before drying, making this kit a good choice for beginner painters and seasoned enthusiasts who want to experiment. The water-proof qualities of the paint after drying make it fade-resistant and cracking-resistant, giving your paintings a permanent brilliant shine.

Is this acrylic paint easy to clean from surfaces?

Although the paint from this ArtSkills 30-piece acrylic paint set is water-soluble and can be removed from surfaces when it is still wet, it becomes waterproof and permanent after it dries.

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