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Eco-Products Compostable Bowls, 12 oz. (1,000 ct.)

Eco-Products Compostable Bowls, 12 oz. (1,000 ct.)

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About this item

  • Eco-friendly disposable dinnerware bowls
  • 12 oz. bowls
  • Made from sugarcane and 100% renewable resources
  • Microwave- and freezer-safe
  • 1,000 count


Eco-Products® Compostable Bowls, 12 oz. (1,000 ct.) are the answer to your leaky paper bowl problem without the guilt of a plastic-lined or non-recyclable waxed paper product. These disposable bowls are completely compostable and made from a 100% renewable resource: sugarcane, and its byproduct, bagasse.

What Is Bagasse?

When sugarcane is refined into the sugar you eat, it produces a byproduct called bagasse. Bagasse is the dehydrated pulp left behind when all the sweet liquid is extracted from sugarcane. There is so much of it, intelligent and innovative people have been coming up with all sorts of uses for it since sugarcane began being used on an industrial scale. Disposable dinnerware is one of those alternative uses. The bagasse is strong and fibrous; it can endure weight strain that exceeds its own weight and density. This means your serving of stew won't bend or break the bowl when you carry it to your table.

Is Disposable Dinnerware Compostable?

It depends on what it's made from. If it contains any plastic byproducts, wax or other waterproofing solutions, it is not compostable dinnerware. Eco-Products Compostable Bowls use only natural materials that come from the earth and thus can be returned to the soil. Other plants and natural organisms are able to break down the materials—bagasse and sugarcane—in these bowls and use them to grow and further the natural ecosystem.

Are Eco-Friendly Plates and Bowls Suitable for Commercial Use?

Yes. In fact, they are better for commercial use than any other option. Because of the larger volume of commercial use, in restaurants, delivery services, cafeterias, lunchrooms and break rooms, the amount of waste produced far exceeds any private uses. Especially for those operations that are trying to simplify their dishwashing or simply don't have the capacity or operation to wash every dish they serve, disposable dinnerware is a convenient and tempting solution. If such dishware is not compostable and not renewable, it is going towards filling up massive landfills of poisonous waste. Eco-friendly, compostable and renewable dishware, such as Eco-Products Compostable Bowls, is vitally important to a responsible commercial operation and some states even require that all disposable products be compostable to build toward a sustainable future.

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