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Eco-Products Compostable Cold Drink Cups, 9 oz. (1,000 ct.)

Eco-Products Compostable Cold Drink Cups, 9 oz. (1,000 ct.)

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About this item

  • Compostable cold cups made from corn plastic (PLA)
  • 100% renewable
  • Printed wraparound stripe includes "MADE FROM CORN" text
  • For cold beverages only


Order this bulk set of Eco-Products® Compostable Cold Drink Cups, 9 oz. (1,000 ct.) for a convenient, disposable receptacle for cold beverages. A great alternative to conventional plastic cups, order these eco-friendly compostable glasses to upgrade your next get-together, your workplace breakroom or your home.

What Are Eco-Products Compostable Cold Drink Cups, 9 oz. Made Of?

These compostable cold cups are made with Ingeo™, a corn-based plastic (PLA) and are 100% renewable. Each cup is clear, with a GreenStripe® branding theme and printed wrap-around text that includes: “Made From Corn” so that you can advertise and promote your environmental commitment.

These cups are intended for cold beverages and have a heat tolerance up to 105°F.    

What’s the Difference between Traditional Plastics and PLA, or Corn Plastic?

Traditional plastics are constructed from petroleum, which is one of the world’s most valuable but non-renewable resources. In contrast, polylactic acid (“PLA”) is made from annually renewable resources, not oil, and can, therefore, be composted to help divert waste from landfills. In fact, composting is a great way to both improve vital soil resources and divert landfill waste.

How Do I Compost the Eco-Products Compostable Cold Drink Cups, 9 oz.?

These Eco-Products disposable cups are 100% certified compostable so that you can be assured your drinking cup returns straight to the soil. Please compost these PLA products in commercial compost facilities as they are not compatible with your home compost.  

What Is the Carbon Footprint of These Eco-Products Cups?

Based on Eco-Products’ commitment to sustainability, the company monitors every step of its products’ journey. The carbon footprint for these Compostable Cold Drink Cups is as follows: 3% packaging, 41% raw materials, 25% manufacturing, 16% transportation and 15% end of life.

For an environmentally conscious take on the classic red solo cup, try these Eco-Products compostable clear cups for upcoming events and parties.


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