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Member's Mark Long Grain White Rice (25 lbs.)

Member's Mark Long Grain White Rice (25 lbs.)

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About this item

Member's Mark Long Grain White Rice is perfect for a wide variety of recipes. With 4% maximum broken kernels, this product is of the highest quality and delivers consistent results. This 25-lb. bag is ideal for school, catering and restaurant settings. Keep a bulk bag of long grain white rice at home for convenient side dishes and main dishes. Or use rice for a dozen of practical uses around the house.

What Can You Make with Member's Mark Long Grain White Rice?

Make a chicken, broccoli and rice casserole for the family. Or create a large batch of fried rice with dozens of fresh vegetable toppings for a one-of-a-kind meal. Steam some rice and add a dab of butter for a simple and tasty side dish or create a delightful chicken and rice soup full of tasty broth and vegetables. Have some fun and make a decadent dessert of rice pudding with long grain rice with creamy milk and cinnamon. Be unique and make vegan rice and cheese balls as an appetizer or fun party snack. Enjoy an ingredient in many meals that are both gluten-free and sodium-free.

Long Grain White Rice is Versatile

Do more than just cook with your rice; use it for a variety of things around the house. Put a few pieces of rice in a shaker full of salt to reduce clumping in damp environments or drop a scoop of rice into vases with some warm water to naturally scrub them clean. Clean a coffee or spice grinder by grinding up a handful of white rice leaving a clean piece of equipment. Ripen pieces of fruit by placing them in white rice for quick access to a healthy treat. With so many uses for long grain white rice, it's easy to make meals that are satisfying and healthy.

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