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5-Pc. Watering Set

5-Pc. Watering Set

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  • 5-piece combo set
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Fits all standard hoses
  • Great for watering, outdoor cleaning and more

About this item

Long-lasting and durably constructed from heavy-duty die-cast zinc, Member's Mark 5-Pc. Watering Set reduces outdoor chores and maintenance. The controlled stream ranges from a soft, delicate shower all the way to a high-velocity jet. A 22" (55 cm) watering wand allows for 90°rotation, making it ideal for watering hanging baskets and hard to reach places in the garden. The aluminum quick connect and two-piece aluminum male adaptor set offers superior durability and easier changing of hose accessories. The 6-pattern nozzle, 22" long water wand and thumb-activated flow control and shut off makes it simple to operate. 

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