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Member's Mark Canola Salad Oil (35 lbs.)

Member's Mark Canola Salad Oil (35 lbs.)

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About this item


  • Pure canola oil
  • Neutral tasting for a healthy salad dressing
  • No trans fats or saturated fats
  • 450°F smoke point
  • Great for salads, woks and light frying


Member's Mark™ Canola Salad Oil is a healthy choice for foodservice workers who need a good base for their salad dressings and other dishes. There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives as it is made with 100% pure canola oil. It comes in a secure-pour container for simple use and storage.

How Many Gallons are in Member's Mark Canola Salad Oil?

A 35-lb. container has approximately 4.5 gallons. That is over 1,100 servings of oil based on a one tablespoon serving size.

Can You Deep Fry Foods with Canola Salad Oil?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: There are subtle differences between frying oil and salad oil. Frying oil often contains an anti-foaming agent, which breaks the surface tension of the liquid. The anti-foaming agent stops the oil from boiling over when food with a high moisture content goes into the fryer. Salad oil does not have this agent. The recommended use for this product is for salad dressing, light frying or use in wok pans. Canola oil's high smoke point, 450°F, and neutral taste make it ideal for frying.

Is Member's Mark Canola Salad Oil Good for Making Salad Dressing?

When trying to make a healthy salad dressing, canola salad oil is a good choice. There is no anti-foaming agent, meaning there are no chemical additives. It also has a light texture with a neutral taste, so it doesn't alter the flavor of the ingredients used to make the dressing. Instead, it enhances the overall character of the vinegar.

What Is the Nutrition Value?

Canola oil is among some of the healthiest oils on the market. It has high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and is low in saturated fat. A single tablespoon of canola oil has 124 calories with 14 grams of fat. There is no cholesterol and it is low in saturated fats while being high in poly and monounsaturated fat, or healthy fats. There is no trans fat per serving.

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