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Stroehmann Hamburger Buns (24oz/16ct)

Stroehmann Hamburger Buns (24oz/16ct)

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  • Enriched wheat 
  • Kosher
  • 16 buns per bag
  • Great for pantries or cookouts

Stroehmann® 3.5" Hamburger Buns are a great addition to any backyard cookout or home pantry. The bakers at Stroehmann have been committed to a long tradition of making quality products with the freshest and finest ingredients since 1924. Enriched and kosher wheat makes these the best burger buns for everyone while the size makes them just right for everything from homemade grilled hamburgers to sloppy joes, veggie burgers and more.

What Does Enriched Wheat Mean?

The main ingredient in enriched bread products like Stroehmann 3.5" Hamburger Buns is refined white flour. The makers of the best hamburger buns replace many of the nutrients lost during milling while preparing the dough for enriched bread so that it contains the same nutrients as those found in whole-wheat bread, though they do not replace the fiber lost during the milling process.

What Does It Mean to Be a Kosher Product?

Stroehmann 3.5" Hamburger Buns are certified kosher, and comply with strict food laws regarding cleanliness, quality and purity. Kosher means more than just responsible food preparation, to be certified kosher, all ingredients and processes used in the products must be certified for orthodox kosher-compliance.

About the Bakers

Bimbo® Bakeries USA is one of the leaders in the baking industry, known for its category-leading brands and high-quality products, making some of the best hamburger buns you can find. As part of the world's largest baking company, Bimbo Bakeries USA shares the company philosophy of being highly productive and deeply humane. Their mission is to put delicious and nutritious baked goods and the best burger buns into everyone's hands and to build a sustainable, productive and humane company.

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