Freihofer's Original Hamburger Buns (16 ct.)

Freihofer's Original Hamburger Buns (16 ct.)

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About this item

  • Low-fat hamburger buns
  • Freihofer's products are baked and delivered fresh
  • Value package of 16 of the best hamburger buns
  • Pre-sliced buns ready for serving


Freihofer's® Bakery was founded in 1913. For over a century, the bakery has taken pride in itself for creating the finest baked goods. With a selection of products that include these Freihofer's Original Hamburger Buns (16 ct.) buns, the bakery has a well-deserved reputation for quality.

What Makes These Hamburger Buns So Great?

The size of these hamburger buns makes them the perfect size to accommodate the standard hamburger patty, or even chicken patty. The hamburger bun recipe used for these buns calls for using only the best and freshest ingredients. This ensures that each is a package of the best hamburger buns for all restaurants, catered events and at-home celebrations.

The buns are hearty and can stand up to even burgers that are piled up with toppings. Whether onions and tomatoes or lettuce and cheese, these buns can go the distance.

The hamburger buns price on this value pack of 16 makes them a great deal.

How Big Are Freihofer's Original Hamburger Buns?

Some would say that these hamburger buns from Freihofer's Bakery are the perfect size to fit into the hand of a hungry person. At 4.5" in diameter, these hamburger buns are the ideal size for accommodating the average hamburger patty size. They can easily handle all of the toppings and burger enhancements that people love to add.

Are These Hamburger Buns Pre-Sliced?

One of the truths that any professional or at-home chef will tell you about food prep is that there is no time to waste. Whether for a busy restaurant, a charming food truck or a catered event, the faster prep can go, the sooner people can be fed. These hamburger buns are sliced before they leave the bakery. This ensures that they are ready to be dished out right out of the package when they arrive.

How Else Can These Buns Be Used?

Grill up some marinated chicken and serve with fresh tomato and lettuce. Add some bacon for a BLT twist. These hamburger buns are a versatile addition to any kitchen or outdoor event. Pile them high with a tasty chicken salad or a juicy pulled pork combination. The sky is the limit with the versatile Freihofer's Original Hamburger Buns.