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Barilla Pasta Thin Spaghetti (16 oz., 6 pk.)

Barilla Pasta Thin Spaghetti (16 oz., 6 pk.)

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About this item

  • 100% semolina pasta
  • Thicker than Angel hair and thinner than traditional spaghetti
  • Quick and easy; cooks in 6-7 minutes


With Thin Spaghetti, Barilla presents its world-beloved traditional spaghetti pasta shape in a thinner version that's not quite as thin as our Angel Hair pasta. Sometimes called spaghettini, this thin pasta promises to delight your palate. While it is slightly thicker than Angel Hair and Capellini, but still refined and delicate, thin spaghetti is often used with seafood-based pasta sauces (like tuna) or oil-based sauces. Try this thin pasta in recipes featuring simple, light tomato sauces, broths, consommés, soups or light dairy sauces like parsley crème.

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