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Berkley Jensen Clear Recycle Drum Liner Bags , 50 ct./55 gal.

Berkley Jensen Clear Recycle Drum Liner Bags , 50 ct./55 gal.

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Get the most out of your trash bag. Ideal for industrial drums, these clear 1.2 mil Berkley Jensen 55 gal. trash bags offer easy-to-close flaps for quick tie-ups. Great to have on hand at any work or commercial space, these drum liners are both durable and convenient. Made of resilient, flexible plastic, the bags are appropriate for a wide variety of spaces and resist tearing and puncturing with general use. Berkley Jensen created the 55 gal. clear industrial bags to tackle any mess: no matter how tough. Heavy-duty gauge means our bags can handle cans, bottles, newspaper, aluminum, and anything else you can throw in it. It doesn't matter if you're on a job, in the office, on the lawn, or in the kitchen; Berkley Jensen always has you covered. Berkley Jensen drum liners are created from the highest quality plastic. Manufactured to perfection. We keep the quality high while keeping the prices down. We are only confident in the quality of the product because of the meticulous detail that goes into manufacturing. 

Product Features:

Bag dimensions: 35 3/4"W x 53 9/10"L
Application: industrial drum liner
Capacity range (volume): 55 gal.
Thickness: 1.2 mil
Grade: general
Materials: polyethylene
Color: clear
Strong and reliable
Includes 50 tie-flap bags
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