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Birthday Cake Flavored Whipped Topping (2 pk.)

Birthday Cake Flavored Whipped Topping (2 pk.)

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  • Birthday Cake whipped topping made with real cream
  • Grade A, pasteurized
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Perfect for topping desserts
  • Limited time offering

Birthday Cake Whipped Flavored Topping goes great on just about anything! Its rich flavor and creamy texture work well on cakes, pies, fruit, and your favorite warm beverage. The birthday cake flavor infused into this whipped cream enhances foods with the right amount of vanilla and the essence of sprinkles. Every bite will feel like a celebration!

How to Use the Can
Just gently shake the can, turn it upside down, and press the easy spray nozzle sideways to release it. Then enjoy your favorite treats to the very last bite topped with this delicious, fluffy cream. This two-pack is perfect for large families for movie nights, ice cream sundae socials, and everyday enjoyment. Whipped cream has gone next level.

Made with the Good Stuff
This Grade A, sweetened, pasteurized whipped cream contains no artificial flavors, is kosher certified, and has only about 15 calories per two tablespoon serving.


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