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Bosc Pear (5 lbs.)

Bosc Pear (5 lbs.)

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  • Unique and elegant silhouette: long, curved stem with elongated neck and full rounded base
  • Warm cinnamon brown color: featuring natural russeting on the skin
  • Unaffected quality: russeting doesn't impact the fruit's taste or texture
  • A favorite among artists: featured in paintings, drawings and photography due to its natural beauty
  • Distinctive among pears: stands out in a crowd of other pear varieties

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Have you ever come across a Bosc (pronounced "BAHsk") US No. 1 - Premium Grade pear? These beauties definitely stand out in any fruit bowl, and there's a lot to love about them. Let me tell you why they're so special.

That One-of-a-Kind Silhouette

First off, just take a look at their shape. Bosc pears have this amazing long, curved stem and an elegant elongated neck that gradually widens to a full rounded base. Trust me, you won't find another pear with such a unique silhouette.

A Beautiful and Natural Cinnamon Brown Color

Another thing that makes Bosc pears so unique is their color. They have this warm cinnamon brown hue with something called russeting all over the skin. If you're wondering what russeting is, it's a completely natural feature of Bosc pears. It can cover the entire surface or just a small part of the skin, but either way, it doesn't affect the quality of the fruit at all.

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