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Canola Oil (3 qt., 2 ct.)

Canola Oil (3 qt., 2 ct.)

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About this item

  • Canola oil is ideal for cooking and baking
  • Cholesterol free
  • No trans fats
  • Gluten free


Keep your pantry stocked with  Canola Oil, a plant-based oil that can be used to make a variety of tasty meals. Canola oil is a staple in homes and in the food service industry thanks to its versatility and mild flavor.

About Canola Oil

This pack comes with two 3-qt. bottles of pure canola oil. It has zero trans fats, is gluten-free, free of preservatives and cholesterol free. Canola oil is made from crushed canola seeds and is very popular for baking both sweet and savory items, stir-frying, sautéing and for greasing pans prior to use. Its bulk size is perfect for use in all types of restaurants and it can be used in households that do a lot of cooking and are looking for a great value.

Common Uses for Canola Oil

Canola oil is a very flexible cooking tool that has a high smoke point, smooth texture and light taste. Some of the best ways of utilizing this versatile product can include:

  • In recipes for baked goods, like breads, muffins, cookies and brownies. Canola oil will make the resulting baked good ultra-moist.
  • Greasing pans prior to baking and cooking on the stovetop. This helps prevent food from sticking and makes cleanup a breeze.
  • In homemade salad dressings. Mix with vinegar, water, your choice of seasonings and shake, shake, shake to blend.

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