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Chinet Comfort Cup, 16 oz. (70 ct.)

Chinet Comfort Cup, 16 oz. (70 ct.)

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About this item
  • Chinet Comfort Cups are designed for single use
  • 80 cups and lids
  • Keeps beverages warm
  • Sturdy and dependable
  • 2x stronger than before


Chinet® Comfort Cup®  16 oz. Hot Cups and Lids (70 ct.) is a product that is aptly named. The cups are manufactured with double layers of insulation designed to keep your hot drink at the right temperature while keeping your hand cool and comfortable. The included cups and lids are two times stronger than before and make it convenient to make yourself a to-go cup at home for the drive to work. Why spend money on a coffee at one of the many specialty coffee shops when you can make the entire week's coffee at home for less than one cup at the boutique store?

How Many Cups and Lids are Included In the Package?

If you used one cup and lid each workday, it would take you 12 weeks to use all of them in this handy 80-count package. Each cup holds 16 ounces. That is enough to last for a drive to work. The cups fit conveniently in most automobile cup holders and with the lid firmly in place, you will not have to worry about hot liquids spilling out of the cup every time you hit the breaks or a bump.

Are Chinet Comfort Cups High-Quality?

Nothing is more uncomfortable than trying to drink a piping hot beverage in a cheap and flimsy cup. Chinet is known for its quality; these disposable hot cups with lids are called comfort cups for a reason. Driving demands a person's full attention and spilling hot beverages can be dangerous when in transit. That is why it is best to purchase sturdy and dependable, insulated, disposable coffee cups with lids.

Where are Chinet Comfort Cups Made?

Chinet Comfort Cups are made from materials sourced right here in the U.S. These hot cups with lids are made with pride in America. Chinet makes it easy to enjoy a cup of hot coffee while supporting American products and workers.

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