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Member's Mark Crushed Red Pepper (13.5 oz.)

Member's Mark Crushed Red Pepper (13.5 oz.)

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  • Hot, delicious crushed red pepper
  • Economy-size bottle features a convenient shaker-top
  • Packaged in a clear, recyclable plastic bottle


This Crushed Red Pepper by Tone's provides a fiery, invigorating taste to everything from a slice of pizza to pasta and rice dishes.

Great Value and Convenience

At 13.5 ounces, the economy size of Member's Mark Crushed Red Pepper contains nine times as much crushed pepper flakes as the typical container sold in a regular grocery store. Exclusively sold at Sam's Club, these pepper flakes offer great value. If you were to buy a similar amount in smaller jars, you could spend up to almost five times as much.

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