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Member's Mark 6" Boning and Utility Knife Set (2 pk.)

Member's Mark 6" Boning and Utility Knife Set (2 pk.)

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About this item

  • Super thin and sharp for the precision of a master chef's knife skills
  • Best kitchen knives for deboning, skinning and filleting beef, chicken, pork and fish
  • Contoured handle with bolster for maximum grip and to protect your fingers


Skillfully debone fish and meat like a master chef with Member's Mark Boning & Utility Knife Set. Use this to take the hard work out of doing it with poor quality knives, and get a clean boneless piece of meat in seconds.

Why You Need Member's Mark Boning & Utility Knife Set

These staple kitchen knives are what every good chef needs to debone and prep meat the right way. Compared to other knives, boning knives have an extra sharp point and narrow blade that's slightly flexible. This allows you to maneuver the knife in such a way to smoothly slice off the bones from beef, pork, chicken, and fish, without wasting any meat. Making things much easier and safer to eat, a boning knife is a must-have for every chef in the house.

Butcher-Quality Cuts

Whether or not you have professional chef knives in your kitchen, these knives will always surprise and impress you. With the performance of a high-end knife, but price-tag of an economic one, you're guaranteed your money's worth with its precise, slender cuts. As you hold it, the form-fitting non-slip handle sits comfortably in your hand to give you optimal control over it whether you're using the boning knife or utility knife to prepare food. Now, slice a cut of meat and watch the blade slide right through it in one stroke.

Who Needs the Member's Mark Boning & Utility Knife Set?

These kitchen knives are perfect if you're trying to get rid of the bones in your food. Sharp and thin, you can effortlessly cut the edible flesh from your meat away from bones and joints. Also great for skinning, reach for this boning knife every time you want to strip your meat of skin or trim its fat. Filleting fish? This knife is great for that too.

Two Kitchen Knives

In one pack, you receive two durable knives that always stay sharp. NSF-certified, these blades are third-party tested and inspected for superior quality and safety. Go with the thinner blade for smaller jobs like deboning a fish, and the thicker blade for tougher ones like separating the meat from an entire chicken.

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