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Dixie Ultra Heavyweight Dinner Paper Plates (10", 186 ct.)

Dixie Ultra Heavyweight Dinner Paper Plates (10", 186 ct.)

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About this item

  • 10 1/16" diameter
  • 186 plates
  • Cut-resistant
  • Microwavable
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified


Dixie Ultra Paper Plates, Bowls, and More!

  • Dixie Ultra Tabletop Essentials

    Dixie Ultra handles even your heaviest, messiest meals. Try our family of dependable Dixie® Ultra products now, and liven up your next occasion. For your heaviest, messiest meals, Dixie® Ultra has you covered. We’re 10x stronger than ordinary plates, and still provide you with our legendary cut resistant, microwavable Soak Proof Shield, all while keeping the table looking stylish. Look for our coordinating designs now. Plates available in 10 1/6”, 8 ½”, 6 7/8”. The plates and bowls can be used safely in a microwave for reheating liquids and food. Microwave oven performance characteristics vary, so please consult the instruction manual for your microwave to determine appropriate reheating conditions

  • Dixie Ultra® 8 ½” & 10 1/16” Paper Plates

    The 9in & 10in Dixie Ultra plates are 10x stronger than paper plates than the leading 9in plain white uncoated paper plate – Soak proof shield.
  • Dixie Ultra® 6 7/8” Paper Plates

    This little beauty has a lot of strength. It's just the right size for sides like salads and desserts.

  • Dixie Ultra® Paper Bowls

    From creamy soups to chunky chilis, you’ll discover tons of uses for our Dixie® Ultra bowls.
  • Dixie Ultra® Cutlery and Napkins

    Simple and attractive cutlery makes meals even simpler. No place setting is complete without coordinating strong and soft Dixie® Ultra napkins.
  • Dixie PerfecTouch Grab N' Go

    Now, you can take the dependability of Dixie with you everyehere. Your morning coffee will thank you.


  • Capacity: 20 oz.
  • Material: paper
  • Diameter: 10 1/16"
  • Bowls Per Pack: 186
  • # of Packs: 1
  • Microwavable: Yes
  • Recycled Content: N/S
  • Sustainability: Elemental chlorine free (ECG), Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified
  • Resalable: Yes - outside case is UPC'd
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