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Dubble Bubble 24mm Gumballs Assorted Fruit (17.27lbs.)

Dubble Bubble 24mm Gumballs Assorted Fruit (17.27lbs.)

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  • Dubble Bubble is the leading manufacturer in gumballs
  • A machine branded with Dubble Bubble is proven to increase sales
  • The sell thru of just one box or one fill of your vending machine will probably generate enough profit to pay for your machine investment

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There is little like a gumball to take you back to your childhood. With the Dubble Bubble 24mm Gumballs Assorted Fruit you can relive your youth. Use this pack to fill up a gumball machine and give new generations the joy of chewing their favorite, long-lasting gum flavor.

What Flavors Are In The Dubble Bubble Fruit Gumball Package?

With Dubble Bubble flavors, you get eight different fruit flavors to enjoy. There is a traditional grape, banana, cherry, strawberry and orange. You also have the more unique tastes of pineapple, blueberry and lemon-lime. The box of assorted flavors guarantees you will get all eight in one package.

What Is The Diameter Of Dubble Bubble Gumballs?

In this Dubble Buble gumball bulk package, the balls are approximately 24 millimeters in diameter. This size is slightly less than 1 inch and will work in most gumball machines. If you have a one-inch opening, there is a risk of the machine dispensing multiple balls on rare occasions. To compensate, you may have to modify the mechanism so that the diameter is slightly smaller.

Is Dubble Bubble Sugar-Free?

While there are sugar-free flavors, these gumballs are not sugar-free. They do use corn syrup and sugar to sweeten their treat. However, they only contain approximately 10 calories per ball, all of which comes from the sugar.

Are The Dubble Bubble Fruit Gumballs Individually Wrapped?

This package does not contain individually wrapped gumballs. They are designed for dispensing in a gumball machine. While you can resell them, they are not meant to be set on a store shelf for repackaging.

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