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Duchess Honey Buns (3 oz., 12 pk.)

Duchess Honey Buns (3 oz., 12 pk.)

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  • Great snack for kids and adults
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Sink your teeth into sweet and tender pastry anytime you like with Duchess Honey Buns. Each individually wrapped honey bun is the perfect treat alongside your morning coffee or as an after-dinner dessert. Bring them to work, to school, while running errands, anywhere, as they're always fresh, tasty, and easily portable.

About Duchess Honey Buns

Family-owned Carolina Foods proudly produces Duchess Honey Buns, a delicious confection enjoyed by people of all ages across the country for the last 80 years. It’s also the brand’s number-one selling product. Each delicious honey bun is individually wrapped to maintain its freshness and to make it travel friendly. It consists of sweet and chewy dough wrapped in an elongated cinnamon bun shape that is made with real honey and coated in a delectable crisp icing.

Who Loves These Honey Bun Snacks?

Anyone who loves packaged pastries that tastes like the ones grandma used to bake—reminding them of the simpler times. This classic pastry has been adored for generations and is something parents love to introduce to their children. These honey buns are also individually labeled for resale, so you can also use these to restock a vending machine, the sweet snack area in your convenience store or concession stands, or fundraising initiatives.

What is the Best Use for This Duchess Honey Buns Pack of 12?

These flaky pastries are soaked in the flavor of sweet honey and coated in a delicate frosting, so they can easily be enjoyed right out of the package. Open a couple packages, place on a plate, and gently microwave for about 10 seconds. Serve to your kids with a glass of milk or hot cocoa and watch as they take their first bite of Honey Bun heaven! Duchess Honey Buns aren't something most adults grow out of enjoying, so make a coffee and join your kids for a sweet, breakfast treat. Short on time? Grab a pack and bring some with you on your commute to work and have the sweetest trip ever. If you're driving the neighborhood carpool, handing each kid a Honey Bun is a sure-fire way to keep distracting chatter to a minimum.

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