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Elmer's Washable and Disappearing Glue Sticks, Purple, (30 ct.)

Elmer's Washable and Disappearing Glue Sticks, Purple, (30 ct.)

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About this item

  • Glue sticks go on purple for visibility but dry clear for a clean product
  • Easily washable from skin and clothing
  • Smooth, strong bond to cardboard, paper, photos and more
  • #1 teacher brand
  • 30 count box for large classrooms


Elmer's® Washable and Disappearing Glue Sticks, Purple, (30 ct.) bring the #1 teacher brand glue together with disappearing purple formula to allow the glue to be visible during application but dry completely clear. These Elmer's Glue Sticks are perfect for school projects, artwork, for use on fabric and paper, decorations and mounting photos. These purple glue sticks have the entirely smooth application you know from Elmer's and are perfect for school artwork and projects.

This 30-count box is perfect for an elementary classroom, art school or a very creative home! Elmer's fast-drying formula limits the amount little hands can get dirty. Glue sticks are designed to go on evenly, and the disappearing purple color will ensure you glue all the right spots every time.

What Can Elmer's Washable and Disappearing Glue Sticks, Purple Be Used On?

Elmer's Washable and Disappearing Glue Sticks bond to paper, cardboard, foam board, display board and photos. Elmer's glue sticks are perfect for a range of art, craft, repair, office and school projects. Get creative and watch the disappearing purple color.

Who Can Use Elmer's Washable and Disappearing Glue Sticks, Purple?

These glue sticks are designed for children above three years of age. Due to the small parts, they can be a choking hazard for younger children. Elmer's glue sticks are safe, non-toxic and acid-free. These glue sticks are a favorite for classrooms as they wash off of hands and clothing easily ,and were designed with teachers and parents in mind.

Why Elmer's Glue?

Elmer's glue products have been around since 1940. Years of innovation have led to constantly improving technologies to make glue products the most functional and durable. Elmer's has continually developed innovative products to fuel creativity and learning. Try other Elmer's glue products for your gluing needs, including School Glue, Glue All, Repositionable Glue Stick and All Purpose Office Glue Sticks.

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