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Fiji Natural Artesian Water (16.9oz / 24pk)

Fiji Natural Artesian Water (16.9oz / 24pk)

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Why We Love This

This soft, smooth-tasting water from a natural Fiji aquifer is bottled at the source in BPA-free bottles that are the perfect size for on-the-go hydration.

About this item

  • Everyday hydration: Perfect for quenching thirst on the go, in the office, and at events
  • Natural electrolytes: As tropical rain filters through volcanic rock, it gathers electrolytes naturally, giving Fiji Water significantly more electrolytes than other brands
  • Natural artesian: Bottled from a natural artesian aquifer in the remote Fiji Islands
  • Soft, smooth taste: As it filters through ancient rock, water naturally acquires that silica that gives Fiji its signature soft, smooth taste


Fiji Natural Artesian Water is economically packaged smooth-tasting water that comes in BPA-free bottles that are conveniently sized to keep you hydrated when you're on the go. If you're looking for something truly exceptional in your drinking water, Fiji Natural Artesian Water is the right choice for you.

Does Fiji Natural Artesian Water Really Come from Fiji?

Yes. Fiji is an island in the Pacific Ocean that's over 1,500 miles from the nearest continent. The trade winds of the equatorial region mark the start of Fiji Artesian Water's long journey through one of the most pristine ecosystems remaining in the world. The rain that nourishes Fiji's tropical rainforest is filtered through Fiji's many layers of volcanic rock. This is what provides Fiji Natural Artesian Water with natural minerals and electrolytes. These minerals give Fiji that smooth, soft taste and feel.

What is Artesian Water?

Artesian water is forced to the surface by natural pressure to Fiji water's natural source. Fiji Artesian Water is untouched by human contact right up until you open the cap and it touches your lips—a truly rare experience in today's processed world. Enjoy your drinking water exactly as it was meant to be, perfectly natural and unencumbered by man. Drink Fiji Artesian Water with pride knowing that Fiji donates one percent of its revenue in support of the environment.

Order Online and Pick Up This Imported Treat at Your Favorite Sam's Club Location

With a few easy clicks on Sam's Club website, you can order this unique water from one of the world's most pristine ecosystems. Simply pick up your order at your local Sam's Club and enjoy this pure and natural Fiji Artesian Water bottled at the source to ensure its untouched quality and flavor.

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