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Kellogg's Froot Loops (43.6 oz., 2 pk.)

Kellogg's Froot Loops (43.6 oz., 2 pk.)

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  • Large box of whole grain fruity loops cereal
  • Contains many vitamins and minerals
  • Only 110 calories per serving

Enjoy the delicious taste of fruity loops with Kellogg's® Froot Loops® Cereal (43.6 oz.). This large box provides you with enough cereal for your busy lifestyle!

What is Kellogg's Froot Loops Cereal?

Kellogg's Froot Loops is rainbow-colored cereal with a deliciously sweet taste made with whole grains and natural fruit flavors. Flavorful, bright and colorful Kellogg's cereal is perfect for a quick and easy breakfast or anytime snack.

Is Froot Loops Cereal Good For You?

Made with whole grains and natural fruit flavors, these fruity loops include an assortment of important vitamins and minerals like zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, iron and more. A single serving of Kellogg's cereal is low in fat, low in cholesterol and only 110 calories, so you can feel good about such a delicious food.

Enough Froot Loops Cereal for Everyone

One large box contains two bags, each of which holds 43.6 ounces of cereal—enough of this feel-good food to help feed your hungry teens, the children at your care center, to keep on hand at the office and more!

Kellog's Froot Loops Recipes

Although Kellog's Froot Loops are terrific on their own, you can also transform even your simplest recipes. Top your ice cream or brownies, decorate a cake or make edible jewelry. You can even make “Loops crispy treats,” substituting Froot Loops for popped rice.

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