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Member's Mark Commercial Indoor and Outdoor Angle Brooms (2 Brooms & 2x Dustpans)

Member's Mark Commercial Indoor and Outdoor Angle Brooms (2 Brooms & 2x Dustpans)

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  • 15" jumbo broom for bigger jobs
  • 12" large broom for smaller spaces
  • Lay flat dustpans with rubber lips
  • Swivel caps for convenient storage solutions

Efficiently streamline your sweeping tasks with our Member's Mark Commercial Indoor and Outdoor Angled Brooms and Dustpans combined 4-pack purchase. This smart cleaning combo includes one 15" jumbo broom for tackling larger messes, one 12" broom for sweeping smaller spaces, and two lay-flat dustpans for scooping up accumulated dirt and debris with ease. With more than 90% of recycled plastics, this 4-pack is the best value on the market for commercial-grade janitorial supplies; they are affordable, durable, and offer a unique purchase to you, our valued Member. The energy reduction of recycled materials using state-of-the-art technology reduces the environmental impact and partners Sam’s Club with sustainable goals of preservation and conservation while giving you the best quality, size, features, and overall value.

Where can I use these brooms and dustpans?

Designed for durable, long-lasting use, these two brooms and two dustpans are premium commercial-grade cleaning tools. Whether you're sweeping a home, school, small business or conference hall, these sturdy brooms and dustpans will quickly and efficiently get the job done. Additionally, you can use them both indoors and outdoors—no need to purchase two separate sets of brooms.

What are the features of the brooms?

Made with broom fibers that were extruded in-house from recycled materials, these brooms will last longer than brooms made with gummy fibers. Durable, flagged bristles can be safely used on multiple surfaces without scratches or abrasions.

What are the features of the lay-flat dustpans?

Featuring rubber lip edging, these dustpans ensure that dust and debris will be swept directly into the pan and not under it. The "shark teeth" allow for easy broom bristle cleaning with no mess or fuss. Using recycled materials, these dustpans are exposed to thermal degradation and chemically and mechanically bonded to ensure sustained durability and functionality.

How do I store these dustpans and brooms?

This purchase includes a convenient snap-on clip for binding and bundling the brooms together, so they take up less space in storage. Rotary handle caps ensure that you can also hang these cleaning tools flush against the wall if needed. Lastly, both dustpans are designed to snap onto their respective handles for storage; or, each can be hung on wall-mount systems or nails using the convenient, predrilled holes.

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