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Shelled Walnuts (3 lb.)

Shelled Walnuts (3 lb.)

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About this item

  • Shelled walnuts
  • Contains approzimately 12 cups
  • Premium quality
  • Great for baking or as a topping
  • Kosher, Parve


Perhaps one of the simplest foods, the walnut packs a punch and provides an incredible amount of nutrition for your body. Think protein, healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. But what can you do with them? You can eat them straight out of the bag as a snack. The next time you're craving salty crackers or a sugary candy bar, choose walnuts instead. It'll fill you up even better or leave you feeling more energized. Jazz up salads, baked goods and even fish with crushed or whole walnuts as a topping.


  • Resealable package to keep contents fresh
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