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Miss Vickie's Potato Chips Variety Pack (30 pk.)

Miss Vickie's Potato Chips Variety Pack (30 pk.)

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About this item

  • Includes your favorite Miss Vickie's Kettle Cooked Potato Chip flavors/li>
  • Ideal for concession stands, vending machines and office break rooms
  • Individually wrapped bags are perfect for packing in school lunches or snacking on the go
  • Packaging may vary


The very best flavors are born from strong roots. In 1987, Miss Vickie wanted better chips for her family, so she decided to make them using potatoes fresh from her family’s third-generation farm in Ontario, Canada. She used simple ingredients to handcraft flavorful chips that delighted her kids and quickly gained attention at local markets and food festivals. Three decades on, Miss Vickie’s still believes in making things better. Whether it’s keeping their flavors farm-inspired, or ingredients free of artificial flavors or preservatives, each of their crunchy chips is here to make every bite more enjoyable and smiles even bigger. This variety pack has a flavor for everyone to enjoy. The individually wrapped bags are great for snacking on the go.

Old-Fashioned Kettle Chips

Made with fresh, hand-picked potatoes, these kettle chips offer a fresh flavor. Prepared using a family recipe, they have an authentic, old-fashioned taste. As a kettle chip, they're really crispy and fun to eat.

How are Kettle Chips Prepared?

Unlike standard potato chips, kettle chips are prepared in a large kettle giving them a more sophisticated texture and bold flavor. Miss Vickie's Potato Chips also come in a smart package for easy transport and so that they will stay fresh for a long time.

Perfect Snack at Home or On the Go

Serve Miss Vickie's chips with a sandwich to create a filling lunch or as part of a light dinner. You can also give them to the kids as a before dinner snack while on the way to after-school activities.

What Flavors Come in the Package?

You'll enjoy an array of delicious and sophisticated flavors in this pack. Offering something for everyone in the family, it includes Jalapeño, Simply Sea Salt, Smokehouse BBQ, and Sea Salt and Vinegar.

Sold In Cases of 30

Each case includes 30 bags of Miss Vickie's chips. Purchase them for your school's concession stand or as a product to sell in your vending machine. You can also have them available as a snack for club or business meetings.

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