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OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (62.76 oz., 12 pk.)

OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (62.76 oz., 12 pk.)

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Why We Love This

Milk's preferred cookie for dunking is none other than the Oreo. Always made with real cocoa, these are in 10 stay-fresh packs so you stay stocked up.

About this item

  • Box of cookies
  • You can use these to create chocolate covered oreos
  • Each packet is only 5.25 oz.
  • Tastes great with milk
  • Kosher


Nabisco Oreo Cookies (5.25 oz., 10 pk.) make snack time fun for everyone. With a vast quantity, this box is ideal for handing out treats at school, the office or when you're on a picnic. It's also an excellent selection for concession stands, convenience stores and vending machines. The Nabisco Oreo Cookies are packaged in a cardboard box that protects the delicate cookies while keeping them in place. The durable cardboard exterior allows you to stack this item among other goods in your pantry or shelf, which can be convenient.

Classic Nabisco Oreo Cookies

Oreo makes its cookies with real cocoa and fresh white filling. Nabisco Oreo Cookies are a timeless favorite in households all across the country. The cookies come in slim packages that you can comfortably carry in a bag or a purse. This compact design enables you to enjoy this sweet snack while you're at work or the park. A treat like this can also provide you with the pick-me-up or burst of energy that you need to get through the day. Each packet can fit neatly in your kid's lunchbox, which can give them a mid-day treat to enjoy.

No Trans Fat or Cholesterol

One serving of Nabisco Oreo Cookies is only 160 calories with 0g of trans fat and 0mg of cholesterol. It also contains essential minerals like potassium and iron, which can help you maintain good health.

Recipes with Nabisco Oreo Cookies

Although Nabisco Oreo Cookies are delicious enough alone, you can combine them with your favorite desserts. Crushed Oreos make a fun topping for ice cream cones or mixed into a milkshake. And if you're fond of baking, try adding bits of cookies into the dough to give your baked goods an extra blast of sweetness. You can also mix Nabisco Oreo Cookies into milkshakes to make them even more delicious. Many customers enjoy dunking their cookies into various sauces and syrups like chocolate fudge, vanilla cream and honey to enhance the flavor.

About the Company

Nabisco Oreo Cookies come from Mondelez International, Inc., which is an American company that produces snacks, food and beverages. In addition to delivering high-quality goods, the company also aspires to give back to communities.

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