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OXO SoftWorks 6-Piece Soap Dispensing Brush Set

OXO SoftWorks 6-Piece Soap Dispensing Brush Set

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  • Includes: Soap Dispensing Dish Brush + refill, Soap Dispensing Sponge + refill, Soap Dispensing Palm Brush, Bottle Brush
  • Dispensing Brushes and Sponge release soap with a push of the button
  • Palm Brush handle conforms to hand for easy scrubbing
  • Bottle Brush reaches the bottom of reusable bottles and jars

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The OXO 6-Piece Soap Dispensing Set is carefully curated to include the essential cleaning tools you need to make grimy food cleanup effortless. The Dish Brush, Dish Sponge and Palm Brush are all built to dispense your favorite dish soap with the light push of a button—no need to pause and grab the dish soap bottle while in the middle of tackling dirty dishes. 

The Brush and Sponge are easy to fill. Simply twist the handle off, add your soap and twist the handle back on. To fill the Palm Brush, simply twist the top off, fill and twist the top back on. OXO also include refills for the Dish Brush and Dish Sponge, which are easy to replace. Simply push the tab to eject the brush or sponge head and slide on the refills—you’ll be back to cleaning dishes in a flash.

Meanwhile, the Bottle Brush is designed to reach the bottom of tall drinking vessels such as reusable water bottles and tumblers for a thorough cleaning. The Bottle Brush is also great for reaching the bottom of jars and vases. All of the cleaning tools, except the Bottle Brush, are safe for use with non-stick cookware.

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