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Premium Non-GMO Infant Formula, Gentle (48 oz.)

Premium Non-GMO Infant Formula, Gentle (48 oz.)

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Why We Love This

Go gentle on your li'l one's tummy with a formula that contains 25% lesser lactose than standard milk formula, yet packs 26 essential vitamins and minerals for their growth.

About this item

  • Compare to the nutrition of Enfamil Premium Gentlease
  • Nutrition closer to breast milk
  • Non artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors
  • Non-GMO: ingredients non genetically engineered


If your baby seems to be having trouble during feedings, ask your child's pediatrician about this Premium Non-GMO Infant Formula Gentle®. Compare to the nutrition of Enfamil Premium®, this is a milk-based, low-lactose, partially hydrolyzed formula, which means it contains cow's milk protein that has been broken down into smaller parts to aid with digestion. It contains 25% less lactose than standard milk formula! With 26 essential vitamins and minerals, it's the closest you can get to breast milk nutrition without the gassiness!

Gentlease® Enfamil Premium® and Gentlease® are registered trademarks of Mead Johnson & Co. Store brand Gentle® Infant Formula is NOT made by or affiliated with Mead Johnson & Co.

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