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Soft Sea Salt Caramels (31 oz.)

Soft Sea Salt Caramels (31 oz.)

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Why We Love This

Times change, but these sea-salt caramels use as much butter and cream as they did 80 years ago. Smooth and rich, they’re just like Grandma’s recipe!

About this item

  • Luxurious caramel center adds richness to the taste
  • Soft Sea Salt Caramels are crafted by hand
  • Time-tested recipes guarantees a quality product
  • Great item to give as a gift
  • Sea salt adds a unique flavor


Soft Sea Salt Caramels (31 oz.) are a bite-sized burst of caramel and chocolate goodness. The smooth caramel combined with the slightly savory sea salt makes for a divine dance in your mouth.

What Makes These Soft Sea Salt Caramels Special?

First of all, these treats are hand-made, with plenty of craft and care. It’s nice to know that good old-fashioned artistry is alive and well, and these delectable sweets provide ample evidence. The caramels are made with a recipe that has stayed true to its roots for 80 years. The real butter gives the caramels a smooth, rich taste. The soft cream adds an authentic, old-time flavor, and the chocolate brings it all home. Not to be forgotten, the caramel adds both flavor and texture.

What Are Caramels Good for Besides Eating?

Eating one of these delights is only half the story. They make excellent gifts. Giving them allows the buyer to experience twice the joy. And if you’re wondering how to truly impress the hostess at a party or social gathering, bring these Soft Sea Salt Caramels as an offering. The sea salt adds just the right amount of tang to the flavor profile, making these sea salt caramels a well-rounded delight. If it’s been a while since you treated yourself, it’s time for the indulgence drought to end. These caramels are made with real, authentic Madagascar vanilla and genuine milk chocolate and you deserve nothing less than the best.

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