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Sour Punch Rainbow Straws (2 oz., 24 ct)

Sour Punch Rainbow Straws (2 oz., 24 ct)

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About this item

  • Enjoy a fun straw-shaped candy for snacking AND sipping 
  • Sour Punch candies are always low fat, low sodium & Kosher certified
  • Punch up someone's day with the gift of Sour Punch
  • Perfect for sharing with family, friends and co-workers (or stashing for yourself)
  • Rainbow Sour Punch Straws feature 4 mouthwatering flavors: Apple, Blue Raspberry, Lemon & Strawberry


Description: Enjoy a fun and tasty treat with Sour Punch Rainbow Straws in classic 2-ounce packs (24-count). These straw-shaped treats feature the perfect combination of fruity, sweet and sour flavors. Each straw features a signature sour coating with nothing but sweetness underneath. Enjoy snacking on them AND sipping from them! Loved by Consumers of All Ages: Sour Punch Straws are loved by adults and kiddos alike. These candies have been around for three decades and still delight people's taste buds from one generation to the next. Nutrition Information (The Perfect Guilt-Free Snack): The suggested serving size for these Sour Punch Straws is 1 package. Each serving has 210 calories with the total fat equaling 1 gram. Rainbow Sour Punch Straws have no trans fat, no cholesterol and only 49 grams of carbs. Sour Punch Straws are always Kosher certified. Can I Re-Sell These Individually Packaged Straws? Sour Punch Rainbow Straws are ready to be resold. The container can be made into a convenient display box, perfect for concession stands, convenience stores and parties. Stock up and save on all varieties of Sour Punch Straws!

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