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SuperPretzel Soft Pretzels, King Size, Frozen (20 ct.)

SuperPretzel Soft Pretzels, King Size, Frozen (20 ct.)

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  • 20 king-size, fully-baked pretzels
  • SuperPretzel comes with salt and cinnamon-sugar toppings
  • Microwave in seconds for a quick, tasty treat
  • Comes with keep-fresh bags for simple storage

About this item

SuperPretzel® King-Size Soft Pretzels can make watching a movie, enjoying the game or hanging out with friends more fun than ever. Nothing tames a sweet tooth better than a king-size pretzel with cinnamon and sugar, which is just one option in this pack of 20 pretzels from SuperPretzel. It's just as easy to warm them and spread them with mustard, salt or cheese for a savory, soft pretzel recipe.

SuperPretzel Perfect for a Party

SuperPretzel Soft Pretzels come with 20 pretzels in a package, which means you can have a snack for a crowd in only a few minutes. These pretzels can be cooked in the microwave or heated in a conventional oven. Microwave cooking takes less than a minute, while baking takes only about four minutes.

Enjoy these pretzels with cinnamon sugar, salt or other toppings. An extremely popular soft pretzel bites recipe involves making a cheddar dip and chowing down. Children, teenagers and adults are all likely to appreciate a hot pan of SuperPretzel soft pretzels, with or without additional toppings.

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