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Tech Deck Mega 14-Pack Fingerboard Set

Tech Deck Mega 14-Pack Fingerboard Set

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  • Includes 7 assembled boards and 7 additional boards
  • Real skate graphics from skate brands like Blind, Enjoi, and more
  • With 7 additional boards, build your own with the skate tool
  • Jumpstart your fingerboard collection with different-shaped boards

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Tech Deck brings you the real deal with authentic fingerboards from actual skate companies. Each one features graphics from the biggest skate companies in the world. The Tech Deck Mega 14-Pack Fingerboard Set includes seven assembled boards and seven additional boards to build any way you want. Enjoy favorite skateboard brands like Blind, Enjoi, Darkstar, and Almost Skateboards in different and unique sizes and shapes in this collection.

Recreate your favorite lines and expand your trick difficulty just like the pros do. Ride and grind your new finger skateboards on the X-Connect series. Build out the Pyramid Shredder or Speedway Hop ramp sets (each sold separately) to shred your skateboard decks. There are a ton of decks, toy figures, and play sets to collect.

Ride, flip, and grind with Tech Deck fingerboards from real skate companies. Tech Deck mini skateboards for fingers and ramp sets make the perfect gift for anyone who love small and cool toys or an alternative to toy cars. Jumpstart your collection and master your fingerboard tricks with Tech Deck!

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