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Three Amigos Elote Mexican Street Corn Snack Mix (30 oz.)

Three Amigos Elote Mexican Street Corn Snack Mix (30 oz.)

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  • Crunchy, flavorful and spicy taste
  • Inspired by classic street corn flavors
  • Perfect snack for the whole family
  • About 30 servings per value size bag

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Elote Mexican Street Corn Snack Mix is truly the perfect blend between sweet and spicy! Experience the crunchy flavor of Elote Honey Roasted Sesame Chips, the sweet-spicy kick of Elote Corn Sticks, with other spicy ingredients such as Fiery Hot Corn Churritos and Elote Corn Jacks. Between all this excitement, Double Crunchy Corn brings a great balance to the intensity. The Elote Snack Mix is unlike no other, it’s absolutely addicting and one of the best flavors yet! The hype is real—you have to try to believe it.

About Three Amigos

Hola! Three Amigos is a well-established, family owned business extending over 20 years of delivering tasty and unique snack experiences. They are no strangers to crowd-pleasing flavors; new experiences are what they strive to do with their products. So, why limit your options to what you are accustom to? Three Amigos created exciting new snack products for the whole family to enjoy in any fun occasion, leaving your tastebuds clamoring for more.

So grab a bag, take on a new exciting adventure with the delicious crunchy and spicy Elote Mexican Street Corn Snack Mix. From their family to your home, Three Amigos is confident in knowing you will love, savor and enjoy this snack mix!

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