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Tone's French Fry Seasoning (9 oz.)

Tone's French Fry Seasoning (9 oz.)

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About this item

  • Spice up those plain potato wedges
  • Shake on french fries before baking
  • Add zest to your roasted vegetable
  • Mix with sour cream to makes a delicious dip
  • Works well before or after cooking
  • Net Weight 9 oz.
  • Kosher
  • Dual shake/pour cap


    Tone's French Fry seasoning blend delivers a wonderfully balanced blend of spices with just a little heat to enhance your favorite fried foods like French Fries, chicken nuggets, and more. Also delicious for roasted vegetables. Makes a delicious vegetable dip too.

    Who We Are

    At Tone?s?, we tap into regions from around the world in order to bring you fresh, delicious flavors to simply prepare an out-of-this-world dinner experience. By preserving their oils and ensuring their purity, we stand by our commitment to quality and flavor to provide spices and seasonings with the highest levels of freshness that the whole family will love.

    Company History

    Our spices embody the hard work and passion that the Tone family expressed in order to bring excellent quality spices to your table. From the beginning, the Tone family created values that held high standards for the spices and seasonings we know and love today. Today, the Tone?s? brand operates one of the largest spice production facilities in the world out of the same small Iowa town.

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