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Virginia Brand Vidalia Onion Vinegarette (30 oz., 2 pk.)

Virginia Brand Vidalia Onion Vinegarette (30 oz., 2 pk.)

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  • Kosher
  • Two-30 oz bottles
  • Sweet and tangy Vidalia onion flavor
  • Gluten-free recipe
  • Creamy dressing for use on salads, dips, and marinades



If you want to bring a zing to your next salad, use Virginia Brand Vidalia® Onion Vinegarette (30 oz. ea., 2 pk.). This creamy dressing adds the sweet, tangy bite of Vidalia onions to any dish. Use it as a dressing for salad, as a dip for veggies or a marinade.

Is Virginia Brand Vidalia Onion Vinegarette Salad Dressing Gluten-Free?

Virginia Brand makes their Vidalia onion-based salad dressing free of gluten contaminants. It is safe for consumption by those suffering from celiac disease. There is no MSG in the salad dressing. The plant that processes this product does not use any nuts or nut products on site. The Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette does not contain any allergens such as milk, egg, fish or soy.

How Many Servings Are in Each Bottle of Virginia Brand Vidalia Onion Vinegarette?

Each bottle of Vidalia Vinegarette has 59, two-tablespoon servings. Each serving contains 110 calories that have 7 grams of carbohydrates and 9 grams of fat.

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