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Wakse Ultimate At-Home Waxing Kit for Face & Body

Wakse Ultimate At-Home Waxing Kit for Face & Body

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  • Wakse ultimate at-home waxing kit
  • Effortlessly remove unwanted hair from head to toe
  • Smooth hairless skin that has a radiant glow
  • Easy-to-clean silicone wax warmer
  • Vegan & cruelty-free

About this item

The stripless wax formula makes at-home hair removal fast, easy, less painful than traditional strips, and is infused with calming botanicals!

Wakse Ultimate Waxing Kit makes removing unwanted hair in the comfort of your own home effortless and easy. Wakse custom waxes smell incredible and include soothing botanicals that reduce redness and irritation. The included silicone wax warmer folds flat for travel and is easy to clean! Also included are 35 large and 35 small applicators for any area on the body!

Is Waxing Better Than Shaving?

By waxing you're able to remove the hair from the root and can last up to 5X longer than shaving! The waxing method of hair removal also provides less irritation to the skin and offers a more gentle surface-level exfoliation, resulting in smoother skin that looks radiant!

Marshmallow Milky Way

Features a stunning metallic wax formula that is truly out of this world! Scented like a sweet marshmallow and colored like the stunning Milky Way galaxy, our color-transforming formula makes it easier than ever to remove unwanted hair from head to toe!

About Wakse

Wakse was developed by two beauty industry experts, who just happened to be very hairy, and used their industry knowledge in combination with their experiences getting waxed to better the hair removal experience. Today, Wakse is a global brand and the #1 authority in hair removal.

How To Use

1. Pour the desired amount of wax beans into the silicone Melting Pot.
2. Cover with lid.
3. Plug in the heating plate and switch on. (a red light indicator will illuminate)
4. Place silicone Melting Pot onto warming plate and allow wax to melt.
5. If you wish to remove the silicone Melting Pot from the warming plate please use handles. Keep lid closed while not in use or during moving to avoid spilling.
6. Melted consistency should resemble thick honey. Test a small patch on the wrist to ensure wax is not too hot.

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