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WildRoots Omega Powerhouse Trail Mix (24 oz.)

WildRoots Omega Powerhouse Trail Mix (24 oz.)

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About this item

  • Trail mix has only 9 ingredients
  • Is an excellent source of ALA omega-3 for heart health
  • 12g of protein in 1/2 cup
  • Resealable pouch for freshness


Snack healthily on WildRoots® Omega Powerhouse Trail Mix (24 oz.). Snacking is something most of us do. And it can lead to some unhealthy eating. But snacking doesn't have to be unhealthy. Snacks can be something that your body will benefit from. WildRoots Omega Powerhouse Trail Mix is a super healthy snack that has tons of nutritional value for your body's well-being.

What's In WildRoots Omega Powerhouse Trail Mix?

This trail mix is chocked full of really good stuff for your body. The trail mix ingredients include almonds, pumpkin seeds, protein chocolatey chips, high protein granola clusters, strawberries, walnuts, banana chips, strawberry flavored cranberries and banana flavored clusters. This is a healthy trail mix that has so much to offer you health-wise but tastes great too.

What Are the Nutritional Facts For This Omega-3 Trail Mix?

One serving of this omega-3 nut mix with fruit is 1/4 cup. There are about 21 servings in this bag. Each serving has 180 calories and 12g of fat. There are only 55mg of sodium and 6g of protein. The total carbohydrates are at 12g that include 2g of dietary fiber and 7g of sugars.

What Are Some of the Health Benefits I Can Get From Omega Trail Mix?

This is the best trail mix for your body. There are only nine ingredients that make up this snack. Those nine ingredients are listed right on the front of the omega-3 nut mix with fruit bag for all to see. There's nothing in the ingredients that you can't pronounce. Within this rival of Power Up Trail Mix Mega Omega, there is plenty of ALA omega-3, which is great for supporting your heart's health. You also get a large dose of protein in 1/2 a cup of this trail mix. If you compare the nutritional facts of The Mega Omega Trail Mix, which is a competitor of this healthy trail mix, you'll find that WildRoots has more protein and less sugar than others in the industry.

How Do I Store WildRoots Omega Powerhouse Trail Mix?

You can store your trail mix in a pantry or a cabinet. Once you've opened the bag, you can seal it back up in its resealable pouch so it remains fresh.

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