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Wonderful Pistachios, Salt and Pepper (40 oz.)

Wonderful Pistachios, Salt and Pepper (40 oz.)

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Why We Love This

Grown in California and roasted to perfection, these tasty heart-healthy pistachios make a delightful and nutritious snack. Grab a handful and start munchin'.

About this item

  • Made simply with pistachios and sea salt
  • Oven roasted with no added oil
  • California grown in their very own orchards
  • Perfect for everyday snacking and entertaining


Wonderful® Roasted Lightly Salted Pistachios are grown in their own sunny California orchards. No oil is added during the roasting process. Only salt is added during roasting to give you the right amount of flavor. Pistachios contain vitamins and minerals, so they make for a healthy snack. Instead of chips or candy, grab a handful of pistachios—they'll leave you feeling energized and satisfied at the same time. This portable food can be taken on the go. Keep a plastic bag of nuts at your desk for a mid-afternoon snack and have a bag on hand in the pantry for healthy munching anytime.

Make Your Own Ice Cream

Have fun with this versatile nut and make dozens of recipes. Have an ice cream maker? Churn up some fresh homemade pistachio ice cream for a decadent treat. Scoop some vanilla ice cream in a bowl and add a generous sprinkle of chopped Wonderful Pistachios right on top with a dollop of whipped cream. Add a sweet twist to a birthday party or any social event.

How to Bake Up a Storm with Wonderful Roasted Lightly Salted Pistachios?

There are dozens of ways to incorporate pistachios into baked goods. Make pistachio muffins a nutritious morning treat that is easy to take on the go or get super indulgent and make matcha white chocolate pistachio cups with the clean taste of matcha blended with pistachio butter and white chocolate. Looking for an exciting way to begin the day? Delight in baked pistachio donuts made with pudding mix. Topped with a honey glaze and pistachios, this is sure to be a hit.

Make Dinner Time Creative With Wonderful Roasted Lightly Salted Pistachios

Maybe you are tired of the same old thing for dinner. Add a twist of texture and flavor to roasted chicken or salmon by creating a crust full of crushed up pistachios blended with a variety of spices. Roast a tray of pistachios tossed in on a baking tray with a light sprinkle of salt to bring out the unique, toasty flavor. Take salads up a notch with a sprinkle of pistachios. Make baked sweets or savory meals, and have a nutrient-dense snack option on hand at all times with a bag of Wonderful Pistachios.


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