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Ziploc Easy Open Tabs Freezer Quart Bags (216 ct)

Ziploc Easy Open Tabs Freezer Quart Bags (216 ct)

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About this item

  • Heavy-duty storage bags with patented double-zipper design
  • Four boxes each with 54 bags, 216 bags total
  • Easy to grasp and open
  • Closes for a secure seal


Lock in the freshness with these Ziploc® Easy-Open Tabs Freezer Quart Bags. Use them for vegetables, soup and other perishables. Lightweight and a breeze to use, they feature an upgraded Fresh Shield™ design that's even tougher on the outside for trusted protection.

What's Special about the Ziploc Easy Open Tabs Freezer Quart Bags?

Bag your perishables with ease. These quart freezer bags feature a patented double zipper that creates a lasting, secure seal. They're designed to lock out freezer burn, so your food stays fresh and retains its flavor. The Ziploc quarter freezer bags also feature an easy-open tab as well as a Smart Zip Plus seal—which lets you hear, feel and see when the bag is firmly shut for guaranteed edge-to-edge protection.

Zip It

Suitable for a variety of tasks, these all-purpose quart freezer bags are perfect for holding everything from vegetables to sandwiches. They're thick enough for gravies, soups and other liquids. They can also be used for beef, chicken, seafood and more. Free of BPA and made to meet the safety requirements of the FDA, Ziploc bags can go in microwaves, making it easier to quickly defrost or reheat food. Simply place on a microwave-safe dish and avoid overheating.

Value Deal

Stock up your pantry so you don't run out of supplies in a hurry. This pack includes four boxes with 54 bags per box, so you have 216 bags total. It makes a suitable choice for restaurants, cafeterias or anywhere with a commercial kitchen.

Are Ziploc Easy Open Tabs Freezer Quart Bags Recyclable?

Ziploc gallon bags are conveniently recyclable. They must be clean and dry before the drop off at the recycle bin. In addition, Ziploc bags come in boxes made of paperboard, which can also be recycled.

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